What is ABBYY Marketplace?

The ABBYY Marketplace provides a rich collection of document skills, connectors and assets, which enhance and extend the ABBYY Vantage platform and accelerate the digital transformation and automation initiatives of enterprises of any size, industry and geography. Skills developed both by ABBYY and by the ABBYY partner network cover various document types, use cases, languages and can be either fully trained and ready to go, or a framework, providing the basis for customers to adjust to specific requirements and train their own skills.

Digital Transformation with AI-based Cognitive Skills

Accelerate digital transformation with AI-based Skills

Document Understanding for Enterprises

Document understanding for enterprises of any size and industry

Skills from ABBYY and Solution Partners

Skills from ABBYY and our experienced network of Solution Partners

Getting started with the Marketplace

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Create your ABBYY Vantage account

Skills available in the ABBYY Marketplace are designed to be used within the ABBYY Vantage platform.

Create an account
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Find a skill

Browse the ABBYY Marketplace based on industry, business process or particular keywords to find skills from ABBYY or ABBYY partners.

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Kick-start your project

Start a free trial of Vantage and try out any skill or contact the developer of the asset to request further information and get your automation project going.

What is ABBYY Vantage?

A cloud-first Intelligent Document Processing platform that applies AI to understand your documents in a fast and simple way.

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Meet the assets

Document skills

Understand a specific document type and extract key insights. Fully trained and ready to deploy or framework skill providing quick start basis.


Seamless integration between ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing and third-party applications and platforms such as RPA, BPM, ECM and more.

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Process skills

Classify documents by type and combine a number of document skills to extract key insights from each document type.

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Combine document skills, classification, and business rules to solve a specific use case (e.g., customer onboarding) and automate a process end-to-end.

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Custom activities

Customized Vantage activities, adapted for a specific need or process.

Meet the contributors

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ABBYY develops several pre-trained skills, ready to be utilized individually or in combination, within process automation workflows.

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ABBYY employees from Professional Services and Customer Enablement deliver framework skills, enabling you to kick-start your automation project.

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ABBYY Partners

ABBYY certified partners with a proven track-record of delivering subject matter expertise and successful projects as vertical or horizontal solutions.

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Individual contributors

Any individual who would like to share with the community and provide a custom developed Vantage skill to a broader audience.

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