What is ABBYY FlexiCapture?

ABBYY FlexiCapture is more than an intelligent data capture and extraction solution. FlexiCapture brings together the best NLP, machine learning, and advanced recognition capabilities into a single, enterprise-scale document capture platform to handle every type of document and every job size. It’s built for the needs of today’s complex digital enterprise.

Orchestrating the process from acquisition to delivery, FlexiCapture feeds content-driven business applications such as RPA and BPM, helping organizations focus on customer service, cost reduction, compliance, and competitive advantage.

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ABBYY Named 2021 Technology Leader of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix

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Features & Benefits

Enterprise automation starts with a comprehensive platform for acquiring, processing, validating, and delivering the right data into critical processes.

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Faster, straight-through processing

Content from documents entering through any channel, in any format, is automatically extracted, understood, and delivered, removing manual processing friction.

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Smooth transactions, smart decisions, rapid action

Leverage customer-provided data to accelerate transactions, make smarter decisions, and provide quick, accurate responses to your customers.

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Control, predictability, and compliance

Gain full chain of custody reporting and management for fine-tuning of results, while ensuring end-to-end compliance with your process and security models.

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Intelligent data extraction

By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) technology, you can now automate identification and extraction of data from unstructured, complex documents along with structured and semi-structured documents. This helps to accelerate transactions while significantly reducing operating costs and errors.

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Data validation and control

Critical data fields, context, and entities are identified, validated, and automatically processed according to business rules and requirements. The system can be easily trained and uses ongoing machine learning for continuous improvements and cost control.

How it works

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a highly accurate and scalable document workflow platform. It intelligently captures, classifies, and transfers critical data from unstructured and structured documents to the right process, workflow, or decision engine.

How FlexiCapture works
How FlexiCapture works
How FlexiCapture works
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1. Automated document entry

ABBYY FlexiCapture automatically processes all types of documents from files and scanners in a single flow, including office documents and image formats, email attachments and message bodies.

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2. Automatic document classification

The neural-based automatic document classification technology enables sorting of documents by types (e.g., driver license, bank statement, tax form, contract, invoice, etc.) and custom subcategories (e.g., invoices from vendor A, invoices from vendor B, etc.) by text content and image patterns.

It learns quickly and easily, enabling it to perform as an auto-classifier.

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3. Recognition

Document images are assembled into multi-page document sets. Their content and data are automatically extracted and validated. FlexiCapture provides highly accurate OCR/ICR/OMR and barcode recognition to recognize printed text in up to 200 languages, hand-printed text in over 130 languages, a variety of 1D and 2D barcodes, and a wide range of checkmarks. Automatic validation includes comparison against databases, conformity with built-in validation rules, compliance with formats, data normalization, and user-defined checks.

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4. Data extraction

ABBYY FlexiCapture automatically extracts data from a variety of paper or digital-born document types—structured and unstructured—such as mortgage applications, tax returns, questionnaires, credit card applications, contracts, invoices, customer emails, and many more.

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5. Verification

Verification station allows checking if extracted fields match those of the original document. Alternatively, verification can be started manually using the easily accessible web-based verification station. Any of the following techniques can be used: group verification, verification in document window, field verification.

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6. Data export

ABBYY FlexiCapture automatically exports recognized data to different file formats, or to databases, systems of record, and other destination points in line with user-defined rules. This includes corporate file storage repositories such as SharePoint, ODBC compatible databases such as Oracle, ERP and ECM systems such as SAP, and RPA workflows to deliver data in legacy systems.

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7. Web-based administration and monitoring console

FlexiCapture HTML5 administration and monitoring station enables 24/7 supervision from any physical location. It provides multi-level administration, automatic notifications for critical failures, and comprehensive reporting. Three standard types of reporting are available: site productivity, processing productivity, and general operator report.

ABBYY Timeline for FlexiCapture


ABBYY Timeline for FlexiCapture allows users to quickly uncover and understand how content centric processes perform and discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies. Timeline enables FlexiCapture users to visualize and understand how processes behave and make data-driven decisions for optimizing processes.

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Customer stories

Customer Story Pepsico 360X232

PepsiCo looked for a data capture solution to eliminate the time and labor-intensive job of manual invoice data processing and credit data entry into SAP.

Food and Beverage

Accounts Payable

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Customer Story Video Edocs 360X232

e-docs UK automated the Proof of Delivery process of their clients, NFT Distribution, with the help of ABBYY's document capture software.


Service providers

Forms processing

Tight integration with business workflows

ABBYY FlexiCapture smoothly plugs into corporate standards and information systems – RPA, CRM, ERP, BPM, ECM, and accounting systems – and makes business processes smarter, faster, and more responsive. Choose from a set of ready-to-go connectors or utilize the out-of-the-box XML and export capabilities to quickly and easily integrate to any system of record or engagement.

Available in the cloud, on premises or as SDK

Designed for the digital enterprise, FlexiCapture lets you start tomorrow and deploy the solution where you want and need it most.

Product Availability 1

On premises

Install and use ABBYY FlexiCapture within your corporate infrastructure.

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Product Availability 2


Leverage ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud, securely hosted on Microsoft Azure.

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Product Availability 3


Design your own application with intelligent capture capabilities.

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Data capture frequently asked questions

Businesses use data capture solutions to process documents faster. Data capture technology extracts, classifies, and validates key information from paper and electronic business documents and converts it into usable data for systems. For example, an Accounts Payable department may use an intelligent data capture solution to extract key information from an invoice, such as amount due and date due, and pass that data on to the accounting system.

“Capture” of information from documents has historically required human effort. A worker would have to transcribe information from a paper document, or copy and paste the text from electronic documents, to enter it into the correct system for downstream processing. Intelligent capture technologies replace that manual work. They can recognize printed text, handwriting, and barcodes; they can identify the type of document based on its content and format to classify it; and they can extract specific data elements as needed for the business process.

Eighty percent of business data is trapped in unstructured formats such as documents, emails, images, and PDFs. The speed and accuracy of the way that data is processed impacts costs, decision-making, employee satisfaction, and customer experience. Automating document capture enables employees to work on higher value tasks, significantly reduces errors with less manual handling, and expedites business processes. This leads to happier customers and employees.

Document classification uses context-sensitive analysis and automation for organizing unstructured content—sorting documents, detecting specific types of documents, and assembling pages into documents. FlexiCapture uses natural language processing and data capture technologies through an easy-to-use interface, making classification simple. Enterprises use document classification to organize big content, identify policy violations in different data assets, re-empower search of archived content, and keep big content under control.

Data capture is used in just about every industry—from healthcare to transportation, insurance, telecommunications, financial services, and more. The application of data capture technology is wide and diverse. Data is the fuel of business processes, and when that data is stored in documents, data capture technologies provide great efficiency and accuracy.

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