ABBYY powers intelligent automation. We reimagine the way people work and how companies accelerate business by delivering the intelligence that fuels automation platforms.

Our vision

We aspire to constantly reimagine how technology solves process and data challenges to help people and organizations thrive.

What we offer

Information, processes, and people are at the core of every enterprise’s strategy. Whether it is to improve your customers’ journey, achieve operational excellence, or be a catalyst for the future, we empower you to gain complete access and understanding of your business processes and the content that fuels them with our platform.

What does this mean for you?

  • It means solutions that unleash your potential to champion success.
  • It means organizational efficiency, no matter the data and process complexities.
  • It means customer experiences that are immediate and personal.
  • It means a smarter and better way to work.

Here at ABBYY, we are committed and driven. We go the extra mile to build the best solutions that equip your team with capabilities to realize your vision for the future.

Key facts about ABBYY

ABBYY Key Facts

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03A Numbers Trusted


by 10,000+ customers, including many of the Fortune 500

Global expertise

in various industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Government, Legal, and others

03B Numbers Partners

Major player in the RPA and wider intelligent automation market through strategic partnerships and embedded technology licensing with leading vendors. We make robots smarter.


in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and process discovery & mining

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03C Numbers Patents

400+ patents

and patent applications. Extensive technological leadership in Intelligent Process Automation

03D Numbers Expertise

Оver 30 years

expertise in the market

Global company

with headquarters in the United States and offices in 14 countries

Our history

04A History 1989

1989: It started with linguistics


All great companies are founded by solving an obvious problem. For David Yang, our founder, it was the challenge of learning a new language while at university. Convinced that many other college students, and most people in general, would benefit from an electronic language translation dictionary, David founded the linguistic company BIT Software in 1989, which he later renamed to ABBYY.

04B History 1993 Finereader

1993: We moved into OCR


Bringing value to people is the cornerstone of everything we do at ABBYY. After achieving consumer success, David Yang saw a greater need: people were spending a tremendous amount of time translating masses of documents. David was inspired to create a program that automated the entire document translation cycle: scan documents, recognize them, and translate them into a different language. This is when FineReader, an optical character recognition (OCR) application, was born. It now has more than 100 million users worldwide. Leading technology companies, document capture vendors, and scanner and MFP manufacturers use ABBYY OCR technologies in their products to accurately digitize documents. These include Siemens, Fujitsu, Epson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, RICOH, Xerox, and many others.

04C History 1996 Organizations

1996: Evolved into Intelligent Document Processing for organizations


Digitization was only the first step to meeting a more complex enterprise challenge. We enhanced our technology to be capable of searching and retrieving fields from documents, which became the future technological foundation of our Content Intelligence solutions. Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are at the heart of ABBYY. And over the years, we evolved to meet new and emerging content-centric challenges. Our AI technology advanced from consumer OCR products to enterprise-grade solutions. We set the bar for accurately digitizing documents and Intelligent Document Processing that leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to understand, learn, and reason to augment human intelligence.

04D History 2007 Waiting

1999: Major international offices opened


ABBYY opened ABBYY USA in Silicon Valley, California, followed by founding ABBYY Europe in Munich, Germany, in 2000. Emerging markets of Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East became increasingly important, so in 2010, ABBYY opened regional offices to support the different regions. In 2011, ABBYY Australia was opened, then Japan in 2014, and in 2020, ABBYY expanded with a Singapore office. Other regional offices were opened in UK, France, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Hungary. 

04E History 2019 Timeline

2019: The beginning of our Process Intelligence path


Knowing that companies still struggled to know how their documents are interacting with critical business processes, we ventured to find the best way to identify, monitor, and predict process workflows within any automation platform. We acquired Timeline process mining and discovery capabilities that enable us to help customers overcome their people, process, and content challenges with our portfolio of Digital Intelligence solutions.

04F History Today Reimagine

Today: Reimagining how artificial and human intelligence converge


We will always continue to empower humans and businesses with intelligence to achieve sustainable success.

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